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Eco Church Project

Ec Award Buttons 2023 Bronze

St Peter ad Vincula is committed to our response to the

climate and nature crisis.

As a church community, we are participating in the initiative

Eco Church.

We have already achieved our Bronze Award

Ec Award Buttons 2023 Bronze


International Earth Day is one way in which we can make a small change by switching off all non-essential electrical items and contemplating God's Creation through prayer.

March 23rd
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As a Church, we are striving to gain our Silver Award.


By making small changes in our personal lives, and that of the life of the church we can all make changes that can help us make positive changes to our environment.


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St Peter ad Vincula is home to a species of Bats, We are embracing our neighbours, and providing the community to learn more about bats, through yearly opportunities to listen and learn about them in our 'Bat Evenings'

Keep an eye out for our next information event.

Creating places of sanctuary in our cemetery is one way we can look after God's creatures, and support them to thrive.


Please top up the bug hotel whenever you pass.


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