Many couples choose St. Peter ad Vincula or the much smaller St Nicholas Chapel in Coggeshall for their wedding service, and not just because they are special church buildings.

They realise the importance of taking their vows in the presence of God, and all that the church is able to offer to make the day special and memorable.

If you live in Coggeshall or have strong links to it, please enquire about the availability of the church for your chosen date. Even if you do not have strong links, you can marry here, if you attend church for at least 6 months before your special date.

Please be aware we have many weddings booked each year and sometimes have more than one service on a day, and that we do not conduct weddings during Lent, the time between Ash Wednesday and Easter.

We do marry people following divorce and couples must make an appointment to see the vicar and talk this through before any service can be booked.

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To begin the process of exploration, to enquire about fees and availability, please contact our Wedding Co-ordinator Justine Kneller via email: